Underground Petroleum Contamination

We have worked with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on over 400 leak sites since 1989. Services include:

MPCA File Closure

For no charge, Applied Engineering will review your Leak Site situation with you to assess the quickest and least costly way to resolution.

Underground Storage Tank Assessment

Applied Engineering will assess the soil and groundwater beneath tanks as they are removed in accordance with MCPA requirements.

Limited Site Assessments for Underground Storage Tank Sites

Applied Engineering can perform a relatively quick assessment of the contamination at your site to determine whether the MPCA file can be closed.

Full Remedial Investigation for Underground Storage Tank Sites

This includes a more comprehensive assessment, usually including groundwater monitoring wells. Applied Engineering can accomplish this work to further assess the site and determine whether active or inactive cleanup is necessary to achieve MPCA file closure.

Groundwater Monitoring

Applied Engineering can perform groundwater monitoring for existing monitoring wells so that you may comply with MPCA requirements for your site.

Disposal of Contaminated Soil

Applied Engineering can assist you with cost-effective treatment of contaminated soil using a variety of methods such as solid waste disposal, composting, land farming, or thermal treatment.